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Déshumidification de l’air industrie

Why dehumidify a room?

Air dehumidification by condensation in an industrial room

Humid air prompt a lot of damages in industrial environment. The air dehumidifier is the perfect solution for lowering humidity levels. The dehumidifiers remove the excess moisture in the air, to fight condensation, prevent mould and avoid corrosion.

A dehumidify atmosphere is healthier to preserve products and employee’s health.

Why use an industrial dehumidifier?

The 10 signs of a humid room

This signs that should alert you to the need to dehumidify your premises:

  • Emergence of fog in atmosphere
  • Condensation on walls and surfaces
  • Frost presence in cold room
  • The clogging of powders
  • The product solidification
  • Airborne contamination proliferation
  • The non-adhesion of paints
  • The appearance of moulds and fungi
  • Corrosion attacks
  • Deterioration of products in their storage space

The dehumidification by adsorption makes possible to maintain a constant humidity level whatever the outside climatic conditions even if the room is cold or unheated (whatever temperature and humidity level), in summer or winter.

The humidity input

The humidity comes mainly from outside. In addition of outside air (external inputs: air infiltration, mechanical ventilation…), we must add internal inputs like: inside air cause by sweating, water vapor, but they can also come from production or storage processes such as wet products, freshly washed surfaces, etc.

Essential conditions to dehumidify:

For an effective air dehumidification by condensation, the room must be closed and sealed from the outside.

How the dehumidifier works

Air dryers are all made up with an internal element that is essential for their efficiency: the desiccant wheel. This unit is essential for the working machine. To remove moisture from the air, two counter current air flows pass through the desiccant wheel. The first removes moisture by crossing through the wheel. The second is heated to regenerate the wheel and reactivate it at each rotation. The cycle is continuous and ensures a constant dehumidification in the environment whatever the seasonal climatic conditions.

The principle of air dehumidification reduces energy consumption compared to a traditional ventilation system.

The advantages of air dehumidification:

  • Reduced energy consumption (compared to a conventional heating or ventilation system)
  • Deeply drying air (including construction materials)
  • Measurable results with a hygrostat

Types of industrial dehumidifiers

We can found several types of air dehumidifier can be find in industrials environments:

In order to choose the right dehumidifier for you, you need to know several parameters, including: the air temperature before dehumidification, and desired after dehumidification, the humidity before and after dehumidification, the volume of the room.

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