Sterile air dehumidification systems for the food processing industry

Are you interested in these sterile air dehumidification systems ?


DESSICA DIA systems are modular and adaptable air dehumidification units specially designed to meet the requirements of users in the food processing industry :
• hygienic & solid construction made of AISI 304L or 316L stainless steel sheet, 0.12-inch-thick, smooth and non-sticky inside panel
• made with food contact material (ANIA certificate) for all parts in contact with process air
• easy access with dedicated maintenance doors

These systems include the latest innovations for adsorption desiccant rotors and use the new energy saving system (Dessica’s patent Ovir). This new feature optimizes the rotation speed of the desiccant rotor in correlation with evolution of the temperature and humidity conditions of the air to be treated.

DESSICA DIA systems offer a complete solution including filtration, heat exchangers and control system.


  • Modular and adaptable
  • Hygienic and solid construction
  • Made with food contact materials
  • Easy access with maintenance doors
  • Patented Energy Saving System


Le fonctionnement d'un déshydrateur par adsorbants solides ROUE DESHYDRATANTE

DESSICA systems uses two independent and countercurrent air flows through the desiccant rotor, with a slow and continuous pace :
• the main air flow (process air) is dried
• the secondary air flow (reactivation air), of lesser volume, is used to evacuate the moisture retained by the desiccant rotor
Two fans set in motion both air streams. Silica gel is a high- performance hygroscopic material able to retain the moisture content from ambient air.
By floating through the rotor, the humid air loses its moisture captured by the silica gel material. The dry air is then totally usable.
Reactivation air purpose is to evacuate the moisture captured by the silica gel in the rotor. The air is brought to an approximate temperature of 210°F to 320°F (100°C to 160°C) and then crosses the rotor against the wet air flow to remove the moisture retained in the silica gel. The moist reactivation air leaves the dehumidifier to be evacuated outside the building or any other premises.

Are you interested in these sterile air dehumidification systems ?