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Location et installation de déshumidificateurs de chantier séchage bâtiment

Slab drying by air dehumidification

The time build a site is more and more shorter and the natural ventilation doesn’t permit to stick to a schedule determine by the project manager.  The humidity in building site can have a huge impact on schedule and delay the moving in. The air humidity control accelerates materials drying.

Building drying

Business Challenges: lower the humidity level in a room recently built to dry a concrete slab

Rental and installation of construction dehumidifiers

Products – Solutions And Services brought by DESSiCA :

Provision and installation of an adsorption dehumidifier type DT-2000 mounted on frames with wheels and equipped with lifting rings, especially design for a temporary use. It is ready to use and to be connected to an air duct circuit and the electrical network. The dehumidifier catches humidity in air.

The DT-2000 works by adsorption with a high performance silicagel desiccant rotor continuously reactivated. The dehumidifier has a dehumidification capacity 11,9kg/h for 20°C and 60% relative humidity and an air flow 2000 m”/h. The industrial dehumidifier is supply in power thanks to the general building electricity meter.

The advantages of this product:

  • Compact equipment, mounted on frames with wheels and equipped with lifting rings
  • High performance silicagel desiccant rotor
  • Simple installation with flexible ducts

The building will be 362m² offices for a company, the whole volume must be dehumidified. The humidity level was 6% before the installation, it should be 3% once the drying finish. For the construction with time limit, the dehumidifier permit to accelerate slab drying. The dehumidifier works 10 hours a day between 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM when the employees are on the site.

The dehumidifier has been installed on the ground floor easily access (without lifting and handling equipment) thanks to wheels. A duct network has been installed to blow dry air on the 1st floor and reject humid air outside the building.

The drying time by dehumidification is provided for a period of 1 to 2 weeks (the drying time depends on the thickness of the slab).

For an efficient drying, all openings in the building must be closed and the room must be sealed to outside air.

DESSICA temporary solutions and services are aimed at all construction and industrial professionals with a short or long term need for drying premises, storage or worksite.

The advantages of dehumidification on a construction site:

– Reduce drying time

– Compliance with deadlines imposed by the client

– Improvement of working conditions

– Removal of water-related damage (condensation, mold)

Whether for investing or for renting, DESSICA offers an offer particularly suited to the expectations of building and industry professionals: dehumidifiers, dryers, fans, heaters, filter boxes, ducts, etc.

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