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Patrick Charrondière, gérant et directeur technique de Dessica et Aurélie Faure, chargée de marketing et communication

Press article on Le progrès newspaper – A new breeze for the industrial company Dessica

The company design innovative solutions for drying and dehumidification in industrial applications, left 30 allée des Artisans in parc d’activités de Fétan to install its head office 605 allée des Filiéristes, in the same industrial area.

Patrick Charrondière, gérant et directeur technique de Dessica et Aurélie Faure, chargée de marketing et communication

Patrick Charrondière, general manager and technical director of Dessica and Aurélie Faure, marketing and communication officer, within the new production area of ​​the company, at the Fétan business park, in Trévoux. Photo Progrès /Amandine EYMES

Dessica, group own by the employees and manage by Patrick Charrondiere has just moved … 50 meters away, within the Fétan de Trévoux business area. The company specialised in dryers and air dehumidifiers manufacturing bought the former Saby Girardot site to set up its new offices and production area in a space of over 1,500 m². An acquisition and consutruction that cost Dessica 1.8 million euros. The new head office bodes well for the company, which plans to rent two premises with a surface area of ​​140 m², on the ground floor.

Increased turnover

Created in 1999, Dessica designs and sells equipment for food industry production, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, and energy. Concretely, the drying machines take parts into milk powder manufacturing or effervescent tablets production. Patrick Charrondiere, general manager and technical director, observe a drop of 10% turn over in export this year. The CEO can be delighted with a turnover which rebounds sharply in 2021. An increase of 20% compared to 2020. Dessica had seen its activity fall by 8% in 2020, in the midst of the health crisis.

A countercurrent company

A part of Dessica’s activity is dedicated to rental, for the rest, the company sells mainly to French customers, a little bit export in Belgium, Spain, and Maghreb.

“We have been structured for export for only a year. What matters to us is to use local network” insists Patrick Charrondiere, who works with subcontractors in Trévoux or even Meximieux.

Unlike traditional companies, we internalize as much as possible. We are a bit against the grain” continues the manager. Since 2012, Dessica change its legal status to become a SCOP (Cooperative and participatory society). In other words, the employees whose the half are employees-associates are the managers of their own business. “A democratic functioning and an economic force”, confirms Patrick Charrondière, elected leader by the other employees. The status permits the purchase, in 2018 of an other company, BTI-Bernard Tôlerie Industrielle in Reyrieux. This one is specialised in laser cutting, blending, welding and metal assembly. The all DESSICA-BTI never stop to develop from 10 employees in 2012 to 50 employees today.

A 20-meter assembly line installed in 2022

The new premises will allow Dessica to improve its workspaces. In the production space, which is double the previous one, tailor-made equipment will be designed and manufactured. A new assembly line will be installed in 2022.

“We are in the process of developing prototypes to be operational next year.” Confirms Patrick Charrondière. These 20 meters long and 4 meters high line will produce smaller machines for premisses or laboratories. “We had been looking a place for a year. It was not easy because there was no room in either Trévoux or Reyrieux. And we wanted to stay in the comfort of this area, “says the company manager certified Origin Ain et French Fab. Dessica has just register a patent on energy saving for the rotation of desiccant wheel on low power dehydration units.

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