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OVIR patent: Energy saving for dehumidification systems – DESSICA


New! The DESSICA patent is now installed on low power dehumidification units.

French specialist of drying and dehumidification technics for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, or energy professionals, the firm has recognized know-how in innovative solutions supply for industrials.

Innovation and growth of the research department

Thanks to collective work method and decisions, the cooperative company didn’t stop growing for 10 years, the organisation has an average development of its turn over around 15% a year. It has an expert knowledge of whole industrial process from development to maintenance.

With the work of research department and the 20 years’ experience close to many industrials, its capacity to innovate and to answer customer needs is proven. DESSICA has develop its first patent for some years.

Silicagel wheel air desiccant system

The dehumidification system uses two independent and counter current air flows through the desiccant rotor, with a slow and continuous pace:

  • The main air flow (process air) is dried
  • The secondary air flow (reactivation air), of lesser volume, is used to evacuate the moisture retained by the desiccant rotor

Two fans set in motion both air streams. The desiccant silica gel wheel contains a high active silica gel component. It provides a high dehumidification performance and reduce energy consumption compared to other silica gel rotors of the same dimensions. By floating through the rotor, the humid air loses its moisture captured by silica gel materiel. The dry air is then totally usable.

OVIR patent -10% energy consumption on industrial air dehumidification systems

The Ovir patent, filed in 2017 on optimizing the rotation speed of the desiccant wheel, reduces the energy consumption of air drying and dehumidification systems.

The Ovir principle consists in varying the speed of rotation of the wheel according to the external climatic conditions (temperature and humidity). By modulating the rotation speed according to seasonality (unlike a fixed speed as standard), the power required to evacuate moisture is optimized. Our customers fit with the Ovir system see an average energy saving of around 10%!

NEW: now installed on low power units (40kW)

Originally installed on high power equipment, it is now available for dehydration units:

treating fresh air from 40 kW of regeneration power.

Discover OVIR at CFIA exhibition

Come and discover Ovir at the CFIA exhibition in June 2021 in Rennes. We will exhibit a unique model of desiccant wheel in silica gel ensuring very high dehumidification equipped with OVIR patented system. After the COVD crisis, the exhibition restart and we will be present to show you our large range of air dryers and industrials dehumidifiers especially design for food industry production and packaging plus temporary and maintenance services.

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