October 29 2018 0Comment

North American market opens to “Made in France” Dry air technics

A specialist in dry air technics, SCOP DESSICA joins with Quebec firms EUREACH and SOTECK to deploy its expertise in addition to Atlantic.

Created in 1999, Dessica works on dry air technics and its industrial applications for drying and dehumidification.

Dessica develops its recognized know-how, in the provision of innovative solutions adapted to the dry air needs of manufacturing processes, for hygrometric control of the premises, for dry storage of hygroscopic products or to avoid condensation or corrosion of metals.

SOTECK’s mission is to integrate the knowledge and expertise of its team of automation experts, building mechanics and processes to identify, evaluate, design and implement customized solutions with performance guarantees.

EUREACH specializes in the development and implementation of a strategic action plan to enable its customers to establish themselves in new markets. After France, Europe, Africa, Dessica opens up new opportunities on this market to the north of the United States and Canada.