DESSICA signe un nouveau partenariat au Portugal

DESSICA signs a new partnership in Portugal

DESSICA develops its activities in Europe DESSICA is a major player in French an European drying and dehumidification market since its creation in 1999. DESSICA was already set up through commercial partners in the Maghreb and America. With this new partnership, the company is developing its locations in Europe. The cooperative company DESSICA joins its [...]
Déshumidification séchage Algérie DJENAIR

DESSICA signs a new partnership in the Maghreb

DESSICA develops its activities internationally DESSICA is a major French and European player in the market of drying and dehumidification and air drying for industries and research centers. DESSICA is already present in Tunisia with GPM (General Pharmaceutical Machines) and has set up in Algeria by signing a partnership with DJENAIR. DJENAIR - Industrial air [...]
Comment empêcher le collage de poudres alimentaires dans un atelier de conditionnement

How to prevent the sticking of food powders in a packaging workshop?

The manufacture and packaging of food powders such as phosphates require a dry environment to guarantee the transport and quality of the finished product. DESSICA has provided a temporary dehumidification solution for its customer: Prayon located in Saint-Clair-du-Rhône (Isère 38). Client’s Field of Activity DESSICA's client is Prayon, a worldwide leader in phosphorous chemistry. The [...]
Déshumidification de l’air industrie

Why dehumidify a room?

Air dehumidification in an industrial room Humid air prompt a lot of damages in industrial environment. The air dehumidifier is the perfect solution for lowering humidity levels. The dehumidifiers remove the excess moisture in the air, to fight condensation, prevent mould and avoid corrosion. A dehumidify atmosphere is healthier to preserve products and employee’s health. [...]
DESSICA déshumidification givre dans une chambre froide a – 20 °c sur un quai

How to remove humidity in a cold room?

Dehumidify to remove humidity in cold stores The mechanical ventilation system is counterproductive in cold rooms and the habitual opening doors from airlock with higher increase humidity transit between rooms. The cold air in frost storage can contain a very small amount of water vapor. The excess water vapor condenses and form: fog, frost and [...]

Happy new year 2022 !

*Toute l’équipe DESSiCA vous souhaite une excellente année 2022 ! *The whole DESSiCA team wishes you a happy 2022 year ! *Todo el equipo DESSiCA os desea un feliz año nuevo 2022 !

Patrick Charrondière, gérant et directeur technique de Dessica et Aurélie Faure, chargée de marketing et communication

Press article on Le progrès newspaper – A new breeze for the industrial company Dessica

The company design innovative solutions for drying and dehumidification in industrial applications, left 30 allée des Artisans in parc d’activités de Fétan to install its head office 605 allée des Filiéristes, in the same industrial area. Patrick Charrondière, general manager and technical director of Dessica and Aurélie Faure, marketing and communication officer, within the new [...]
boulangeries, viennoiseries et pâtisseries

How to dry the air of a food production line after washing ?

Client’s Field of Activity Food industry production and packaging : Industrial bakeries, producers of viennoiseries and pastries Business Challenges Rapidly drying after washing Reduce production downtime after washing Increase productivity and prevent post-contamination Technical Challenges  Completely dry the area in a limited time Avoid the proliferation of post-contamination Increase the lifespan of equipment and buildings, [...]
Location et installation de déshumidificateurs de chantier séchage bâtiment

Slab drying by air dehumidification

The time build a site is more and more shorter and the natural ventilation doesn’t permit to stick to a schedule determine by the project manager.  The humidity in building site can have a huge impact on schedule and delay the moving in. The air humidity control accelerates materials drying. Building drying Business Challenges: lower [...]
Location déshydrateurs industriels DESSICA

Industrial dehumidifer rental : DESSICA Services and temporary solutions

Industrial or professionals? You need a lower humidity level in your building, we are here for you. Discover our large range of material dedicate to building site. You need an electrical dehumidifier, accessories, fans, air heaters/coolers, filter boxes, ducts? Contact us to know the prices and the materials availability. Since many years, DESSICA offer in [...]

OVIR patent: Energy saving for dehumidification systems – DESSICA

OVIR PATENT: -10% ENERGY SAVING New! The DESSICA patent is now installed on low power dehumidification units. French specialist of drying and dehumidification technics for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, or energy professionals, the firm has recognized know-how in innovative solutions supply for industrials. Innovation and growth of the research department Thanks to collective work method and [...]
Maintenance DESSICA système de déshydratation de l'air SAV réparation

Maintenance of your industrial dehumidifier: check the performance of your system

Preventive maintenance for your dehumidification installations In this period between spring and summer, the atmosphere became hot and humid. It’s the right time to realise a technical diagnostic. You own one or many air dehumidification systems? Check their performances whatever the brand, the origin, the date of manufacture. The lifespan of spare parts The lifespan [...]
DESSICA CFIA  2021 Agroalimentaire rennes

DESSiCA at CFIA Food Exhibition: 9-11 June 2021

Industrial dehydrators for professionals in the food industry Didn't miss the appointment with the major food industry actors, the evenement gather more than 20 0000 industrials. The DESSICA team pleased to invite you at this meeting from June 9 to 11th 2021 at the Parc des Expositions in Rennes (France). Our experts in drying and [...]
maintient hygrométrie chocolaterie

How to maintain dry air conditions for coating in a chocolate factory?

Cemoi : Confectionery and chocolate production Customer needs  : Provide low humidity atmosphere in the production environment Maintain dry air conditions for coating in a chocolate factory Prevent "sticking" of the sweets aftercoating Maintain dry air blowing conditions at 20°C and 21% relative humidity, i.e. 3g water per kg dry air Reduce waste Increase production [...]

Discover DESSICA in 2 min video : report on LCI TV “Portrait d’entreprise”

DESSICA - Dry Air Technics in “Portrait d’entreprise” on LCI DESSICA was featured in the advertorial "Portrait d’entreprise", broadcast on LCI on Monday, February 15, 2021. We have responded favorably to LCI's request to carry out a report about our activity: the design of drying and dehumidification solutions for industries. We are proud to present [...]
DESSICA Meilleurs vœux 2021

Happy new year 2021 !

*Toute l’équipe DESSiCA vous souhaite une excellente année 2021 ! *The whole DESSiCA team wishes you a happy 2021 year ! *Todo el equipo DESSiCA os desea un feliz año nuevo 2021 !  

salles anhydres production batteries lithium

Dry air in anhydrous rooms for lithium batteries manufacturing

Our engineers go you in the design and sizing of your tailor-made air dryers for dry and anhydrous rooms. Controlled atmosphere in temperature and humidity: clean rooms, dry rooms and anhydrous rooms DESSICA supply a complete solution to design and produce drying systems like the STAD type Low Dew Point version, specially designed to treat [...]
poudre fruit air sec colmatage collage

How to maintain dry air in a fruit processing plant ?

Diana Food : Processing tropical fruits into powders and flakes Customer needs : Control the production atmosphere of the processing unit Maintain low humidity in a tropical country with outdoor conditions of up to 21g of water / kg of dry air Prevent “sticking” of the fruit puree on the rollers Prevent clogging when processing […]

Nord Afrique General Pharmaceutical Machines GPM DESSICA

DESSICA develops in the North African market

DESSICA develops in the North African market: dry air control for clean rooms in the pharmaceutical sector DESSICA, a specialist in air technology, continues its development in North Africa by collaborating with the firm GPM (General Pharmaceutical Machines) for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and healthcare industries market. DESSICA is increasing its expertise in these sectors by […]

Vidéo Comment fonctionne un déshydrateur industriel DESSICA ?

New video online on YouTube! How does a DESSICA industrial dehumidifier work?

New video available on YouTube! How does a DESSICA industrial dehumidifier work? The working of a DESSICA industrial dehumidifier Dehumidification process – Solutions for controlling humidity In a high humidity environment, the hygroscopic wheel absorbs moisture from the air. The industrial dehydration process is continuous since the wheel is regenerated by hot air. This system […]

humidité semences préservation


Limagrain : Seeds storage and production ->Customer needs :  Control the hygrometry for several warehouses storing seeds Maintain a 50% humidity level throughout the year with a constant temperature of 46°F, i.e. a water vapor content of less than 23,1 grains.water/lb.dry air Maintaining conditions of infiltrated air from neighboring rooms: 77°F/50% RH or 100 grains.water/lb.dry […]

DESSICA’s strenghts

Our innovation capacity A new ENERGY SAVING DESIGN obtained in 2017 is a clear example of our constant strive. The patent is an indicator of the dynamism of our R & D division: a guarantee of seriousness and the demonstration that DESSICA can project itself while innovating thanks to a motivated and involved team. DESSiCA […]

Stockage de produits surgelés sans givre


Grégoire Gaillard (STEF group) :   Frozen products storage warehouse -> Customer needs: Limit the appearance of frost, ice on the floor and the walls of the cold room Reduce refrigeration energy consumption by spacing defrosting Reduce operating costs (reduction of damage and failure) Limit the intake of humidity from the outside and dry the […]

Happy new year

*The whole DESSiCA team wishes you a happy 2020 year ! *Toute l’équipe DESSiCA vous souhaite une excellente année 2020 ! *Todo el equipo DESSiCA os desea un feliz año nuevo 2020 !

EHEDG-conception agroalimentaire DESSICA 2019

DESSiCA is a member of EHEDG

DESSiCA is one of the major players in the design of solutions to control humidity in the food industry. The cooperative society has been a member for a year of the professional association for the hygienic design of food equipment. EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) is a foundation created in 1989 to promote […]

laboratoire hygrométrie salle sèche analyse


DESSICA provide in 2017 the CNRS in Amiens, a major research hub in France, a solution to maintain a dry atmosphere with low dew point. The air treatment and dehumidification concern an anhydrous room hosting 8 employees. The French hub works for the future applications of lithium batteries for electric vehicle. DESSICA supply a low […]

DESSiCA au CFIA de Rennes du 12 au 14 mars

DESSiCA at CFIA Exhibition : 12-14 march 2019

Dessica will be present from March 12 th to 14 th, 2019 at the CFIA exhibition in Rennes. Find us in Hall 6 Stand A 34, make an appointment with your drying and dehumidification expert. Visit us at the stand A34 Hall 6 and we will show you our wide range of Industrial dehumidification solutions […]

stations de pompage et de traitement d’eau potable des phénomènes de condensations


DESSICA provide a waterworks and treatment plan in France. The air treatment and dehumidification concern preservation of the equipment and premises. DESSICA supply a solution to avoid condensation, corrosion, mold. DESSICA supply a desiccant air dehumidifier and an air handling unit. The installation is optimizing whatever the season to reduce energy consumption. Client’s Field of […]

Happy new year

*Toute l’équipe DESSiCA vous souhaite une excellente année 2019 ! *The whole DESSiCA team wishes you a happy 2019 year ! *Todo el equipo DESSiCA os desea un feliz año nuevo 2019 !



DESSICA provide an aquarium manufacturing company. These products are highly hygroscopic and need a vey low and constant humidity level. DESSICA supply of a set of air desiccants dryers with silica gel adsorption rotor equipped with pre-dehumidification battery. The DESSICA customer benefit a whole solution included filtration, temperature and humidity regulation. Client’s Field of Activity […]

North American market opens to “Made in France” Dry air technics

A specialist in dry air technics, SCOP DESSICA joins with Quebec firms EUREACH and SOTECK to deploy its expertise in addition to Atlantic. Created in 1999, Dessica works on dry air technics and its industrial applications for drying and dehumidification. Dessica develops its recognized know-how, in the provision of innovative solutions adapted to the dry […]


It was in Trévoux, France that Dessica was created. Passed on to its employees in 2012 by the founder, “the Cooperative society status appeared to us more modern, more adapted to our expectations and our prospects”, explained its manager Patrick Charrondière. In fact, this company specialized in dry air technology and its industrial applications for drying […]


MILK POWDER : let’s optimize the transformation process

DESSICA acts upstream of existing towers to optimize the transformation process. Nutribio formulates, manufactures and conditions infant and adult nutrition products. Nutribio is a subsidiary of the Sodiaal group (the leading French dairy cooperative), notably based in Montauban, where two spray drying towers are installed. The supply of a desiccant dehumidifier air system aim to […]