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Vidéo Comment fonctionne un déshydrateur industriel DESSICA ?

New video online on YouTube! How does a DESSICA industrial dehumidifier work?

New video available on YouTube!

How does a DESSICA industrial dehumidifier work?

The working of a DESSICA industrial dehumidifier

Dehumidification process – Solutions for controlling humidity

In a high humidity environment, the hygroscopic wheel absorbs moisture from the air. The industrial dehydration process is continuous since the wheel is regenerated by hot air. This system permanently maintains a low humidity to guarantee the consistency of operations. The atmosphere is controlled regardless of the outdoor weather conditions.

DESSICA supplies two ranges of rotary adsorption air dryers:

These solutions carry out the hygrometric control of premises, the storage of hygroscopic products in dry air or to prevent condensation and corrosion of metals.

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Drying and dehumidification solutions for industries

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