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MILK POWDER : let’s optimize the transformation process

DESSICA acts upstream of existing towers to optimize the transformation process.

Nutribio formulates, manufactures and conditions infant and adult nutrition products. Nutribio is a subsidiary of the Sodiaal group (the leading French dairy cooperative), notably based in Montauban, where two spray drying towers are installed.

The supply of a desiccant dehumidifier air system aim to :

  • To increase the productivity of the atomization tower by lowering the humidity rate and raising the air temperature inside the tower.
  • Minimize the risks of production stoppage due to climatic variations and the sticking of products on the internal walls of the tower
  • Increase the consistency and stability of the product
  • Reduce energy consumption.

Even more specifically, as part of the Nutribio project in Montauban in 2012, the installation of a 3.8 m diameter desiccant wheel had immediate repercussions on production operations.

This project represents a significant technical challenge due to its high air volume and due to the following peculiarities:

  • Need to maintain absolute humidity of the fresh air entering the drying tower at 2g.water / kg.air in all seasons
  • Mass fresh air flow to be treated: 105,000 kg.air / h
  • Critical fresh air conditions: 40 ° C / 34% or 16 g.water / kg.

DESSICA has set up a tailor-made installation which allows it to be completely adapted to the environment;

The impacts noted by the client are:

  • NUTRIBIO is completely satisfied with the installation provided by DESSICA as well as its mode of operation
  • The installation of the DIA system enabled the NUTRIBIO company to increase its production volume by 35 to 45% per revolution. Return on investment is less than 1 year
  • The NUTRIBIO company, satisfied with its first investment in 2012 and its relationship with DESSICA, renewed its confidence: a new DIA was installed in early 2018 on a second drying tower.

DOWNLOAD HERE -> CASE STUDY Milk powter production in spray drying tower

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