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Maintenance DESSICA système de déshydratation de l'air SAV réparation

Maintenance of your industrial dehumidifier: check the performance of your system

Preventive maintenance for your dehumidification installations

In this period between spring and summer, the atmosphere became hot and humid. It’s the right time to realise a technical diagnostic.

You own one or many air dehumidification systems? Check their performances whatever the brand, the origin, the date of manufacture.

The lifespan of spare parts

The lifespan of dehumidification equipment and spare parts depend on use. The control of air filters and desiccant wheel control are vital. We recommend one visit for DESSICA technician per year to optimize the working of your installations. Know that, faulty system, it is an energy consumption increase and a reduction of productivity.

Did you know? The desiccant wheel is a fundamental component for the well dehumidifier working. The dehumidification wheel has a lifespan from 8 to 12 years depending on its use. To the fact that its capacities and mechanicals qualities decrease over the years. A drop in capacity, this is a very significant increase in your energy consumption and a reduction in your productivity.

Is your industrial dehydrator broken? The DESSICA solution: Maintenance – Repair – After-sales service for all brands

Our services:

  • technical diagnostics
  • maintenance contract
  • dehumidification wheel replacement (for all brand)
  • installations optimization and refresher course

Why choose the DESSICA solution?

  • Technicians specializing in adsorption air dehumidifiers and air dryer systems
  • Technical diagnostics and performance calculations
  • Availability of emergency spare parts kits in France
  • Dedicated telephone number service
  • The calculation of wheel efficiencies from specific software
  • Quick repairs
  • A strong reactivity of a motivated team involved in its company (cooperative society)

Perform a diagnostic visit NOW

From now, you can have a preventive maintenance diagnostic visit carried out including:

  • mechanical checks
  • electrical checks
  • climatic checks
  • a technical report with calculation of the efficiency of the dehumidifier
  • recommendations for optimization of operation or repair

A team of experienced and responsive after-sales service technicians

Our highly qualified technicians will visit your site to check the hygroscopic performance of your dehumidification system and provide you with specific recommendations to optimize your installation.

Call on DESSICA, the French specialist in dry air techniques!

To request your diagnostic visit, write to us at: