Industrial ducted air dehumidifiers


The DD dehumidifier is designed to adapt to all types of industrial environments: storage or building.

The DD works by condensing the water vapor contained in the air. Built with a monobloc casing made from painted galvanised sheet steel, it is fitted with a hermetic refrigerant compressor, a centrifugal fan, a G3 or G4 air filter and a humidistat. The refrigerant used is R410C for models 160 to 240 and R407C for other models. Remote control

The condensate is drained by flowing into a water drain.

Options :

Refrigerant R454C

Process air connection box :

2 circular inlets (fresh air and return air) or 1 circular inlet

Round/square dry air connection: 1 circular inlet

MODBUS communication



The DD dehumidifier is made up of different internal elements, in which a refrigerant circulates in different forms, allowing to decrease the humidity of the air. The humid air, previously filtered, is cooled in contact with the evaporative cooler, which causes condensation and a lowering of humidity. The air is then heated in contact with the heat exchanger, which makes it possible to reduce the temperature of the refrigerant. A fan drives the air flow in the circuit. The cycle is repeated until the humidity reaches the set point.


  • High dehumidification capacity
  • Compact can de installed in an attec or false ceiling
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Robust and durable
  • Equipped with a hygrostat

In options :

  • Ductable with connections at standard diameters
  • Fixed ducted output
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