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Customized dehumidifiers for process industry rental : DESSICA Services and temporary solutions

Industrial or professionals? You need a lower humidity level in your building, we are here for you. Discover our large range of material dedicate to building site. You need an electrical dehumidifier, accessories, fans, air heaters/coolers, filter boxes, ducts? Contact us to know the prices and the materials availability.

Since many years, DESSICA offer in France and Europe dehumidifier and air dryers for rent.

Tailor made solution for industrial dehumidifier rental

“Services and temporary solutions” DESSICA gather a whole service and differentiate by a complete study of your needs before provision of customized dehumidifiers for process industry.

  • Technical sales engineers specialised in dry air technics offer a proposal in view of the context and the application where the dryer will be installing.
  • Technicians specialised in air treatment system (rotary adsorption dryer and industrial condensation air dryer) can come in your company to commissioning the equipment.
  • Depending on the contract you choose, you can demand a commitment on times, and a guarantee on results with a quick replacement or the machine in case of failure.

The know-how of a major actor in air drying and dehumidification in Europe, DESSICA own more than 20 years’ experience near large industrials in study, design, commissioning, and maintenance of dehumidification systems.

The services and temporary DESSICA solutions is a complete support during all the rental.

The rental: for industrials and professionals

The dehumidifier and air-drying rental reserve for all professionals and industrials whatever the business activity. DESSICA frequently rent to food, pharmaceutical production and storage, energy, surfaces treatment, naval building.

Whatever your needs, the DESSICA specialists offer you the best solution for your humidity problem.

Our system permit:

  • Drying/inerting tanks
  • Preservation during storage
  • Drying premises or products
  • Avoiding corrosion
  • Preventing post-contamination

Rental fleet of customized dehumidifiers for process industry

DESSICA have at your disposal a large range of materials located in France. The whole materials include adsorption dehumidifier and condensation dehumidifier for small and large volumes with a dehumidification capacity for 50l/24h to 187l/24h. And adsorption dehumidifiers are also available with air flow from 250 to 6000m3/h. This equipment’s permit to answer all industrials needs for the humidity treatment in storage and production building.

The rental fleet include also a group of accessories: fans, air heaters/coolers, filter boxes, ducts.

This dehumidifier and dryer are specific for building site or industrials environments, because they are equipped with frame, wheels, lifting rings for the bulkiest to make easier the handling.


A flexibility rental for your industrial equipments

The long- or short-term rental offer many advantages:

  • Variable duration (for a week to a year) with possible extension
  • Temporary use or very short duration the year
  • Validate an investment
  • Failure of your current equipment
  • Confirm parameters (outdoors conditions, drying time etc.) to size a dehumidifier
  • Reduce freezing money
  • Appoint the equipment management to a trust partner

To sum up the Dessica’s rental

The advantages of Dessica’s Services and temporary solutions

  • Specific and free study of your needs regarding the application and bring technical advices for your installation
  • A rental fleet based in France and rapidly available
  • Accessories provision: fans, air heaters/coolers, filter boxes, ducts
  • Short term retal (a week)
  • Easy equipment handling thanks to frame, wheels and lifting rings
  • Commissioning on site by trained technicians
  • Results guarantee: a quick replacement or the machine in case of failure
  • Attractive prices and a global offer
  • Quality material
  • Respect for commitments and performance

Contact DESSICA drying and dehumidification experts for a short-term test, to validate an investment or replace broken down equipment.

Contact us +33 (0)4 74 08 44 44 or europe@dessica.fr

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