Industrial condensation air dehumidifiers


The DRY dehumidifier is designed to adapt to all types of industrial environments : storage or building.

The DRY works by condensing the water vapor contained in the air. Built with a monobloc steel casing with epoxy paint, it is equipped with hermetic refrigeration compressor, centrifugal fan, washable air filter and separate hygrostat. The refrigerant used is R410A.

The condensate is drained by flowing into a water drain.

For any air conditioning application in industrial or tertiary premises where the concern is excessive humidity, such as production workshops, warehouses, museums, waterworks, concrete slab drying; the DRY dehumidifier is useful.



The process of air dehumidification by condensation consists of reducing the air temperature to the dew point corresponding to the mixing ratio sought by means of a heat exchanger. To do this it is necessary to have a coolant at a temperature below that of the dew point sought, usually achieved with a refrigeration system that is either external (water cooler) or integrated, for standalone devices

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