Industrial condensation air dehumidifiers


The process of air dehumidification by condensation consists of reducing the air temperature to the dew point corresponding to the mixing ratio sought by means of a heat exchanger. To do this it is necessary to have a coolant at a temperature below that of the dew point sought, usually achieved with a refrigeration system that is either external (water cooler) or integrated, for standalone devices.


These systems can be used optimally to obtain air with dew points above 6°C, or a mixing ratio greater than 6 g/kg, in order to prevent frost formation in the condensed water vapour and to maintain good energy performance.

  • Standalone industrial dehumidifiers with R407C coolant, non-hazardous for the environment
  • Exchanger units supplied with refrigerated water integrable into air treatment systems upstream of an air dryer


The DD dehumidifier is made up of various internal elements, in which a refrigerant circulates which reduces the humidity of the air. The humid air, previoulsy filtres, is cooled in contact with the avporator, which causes condensation and a reduction of humidity. The air rehedted on contact iwth the condenser, which make it possible to reduce the temperature of the refrigerant. A fan animates the air flow in the circuit. The cycle is repeated until the humidty reaches the set value.

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