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carte de l'humidité en france

Humidity and climate map of France: a reference tool for air dehumidification

The climate is defined by a set of data that have an impact on the atmosphere over a given period of time, the elements impacting the latter can be: precipitation, winds, sunshine, temperature and humidity. The states of the atmosphere can be analysed over a given period of time and at a defined location. The data (average temperature and relative humidity) are provided by Météo France over the last ten years. It is therefore possible to draw up a map of the humidity in France, indicating the humidity level per department.

The average air humidity is different in different regions of France and in different regional climates. It is influenced by regional winds and temperatures. The air is composed of a mixture of gases containing water vapour in varying amounts depending on the location and climate.

The map of climates with maximum humidity in France is a reference tool for air dehumidification. It allows to establish a dimensioning according to the regional meteorological data. It determines the humidity level per department, and therefore allows the most suitable industrial dehumidification equipment to be defined according to the climate in which it is installed. From the maximum temperatures reached in different regions, an average RH (Relative Humidity) can be defined, which can be used to size air handling units, particularly for dehumidifying rooms, workshops and storage areas.

carte de l'humidité en france

Map of France’s climates with maximum humidity – Hygrometry data source Météo France

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