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DESSICA déshumidification givre dans une chambre froide a – 20 °c sur un quai

How to remove humidity in a cold room?

Dehumidify to remove humidity in cold stores

The mechanical ventilation system is counterproductive in cold rooms and the habitual opening doors from airlock with higher increase humidity transit between rooms.

The cold air in frost storage can contain a very small amount of water vapor. The excess water vapor condenses and form: fog, frost and ice. The manager has to limit the entrance of humid air from the outside in the cold room and install moisture absorption systems. The air dryers especially for negative cold rooms produce and maintain a dry atmosphere and safety working conditions.

The benefits of dry air in cold stores thanks to dehumidification for cold room:

  • Avoid frost, ice arrival on walls and ceiling
  • Prevent slip (frozen or slippery ground dangerous for staff)
  • Better readability of bar codes on packaging
  • Allow intervals between defrosting
  • Reduce equipment breakdowns
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Decrease energy consumption

How the cold room air dehumidifier works?

The DESSICA air dehumidifiers are made to reduce humidity level in cold room and prevent frost and ice appearance.

The DESSICA air dryers for cold rooms storage use two independent air flows which cross desiccant rotor counter current. These two air flows move with twos fans. The desiccant rotor is composed of silicagel, a material able to hold the water vapor contained in the air. By crossing the rotor, the humid air is retained in silicagel. The dry air is usable in many applications, to blow in cold rooms for example. The reactivation air evacuates humidity from the rotor, it heats at 100°C with electrical resistances, then it crosses the rotor to be evacuate outside.

The DESSICA air dehumidifiers for cold rooms IR version are designed to be installed outside the cold room in a positive atmosphere above 5 ° C.

The DESSICA air dehumidifiers for cold rooms ICF version are designed to be installed inside the cold room at negative temperature.

DESSICA recommendation: for space saving and easy maintenance, we recommend an installation in positive environment when it is possible.

Each installation and configuration in cold rooms is different, several factors must be study:

  • Opening doors frequency
  • Temperature and humidity level in adjoining local
  • Climatic conditions to maintain in the cold room
  • The volume and the height of the warehouse

Installation of the dehumidifier

The installation is always carried out in the same way: recycling air on the refrigerated storage air.

The reactivation air is taken outside from the negative room in an atmosphere above 5°C and release outside.

The air dehumidifier can be combined with air curtain to assure hot or cold air in a room. The air curtain separates allows to two climatic areas.

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