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humidité semences préservation


Limagrain : Seeds storage and production

->Customer needs : 

  • Control the hygrometry for several warehouses storing seeds
  • Maintain a 50% humidity level throughout the year with a constant temperature of 46°F, i.e. a water vapor content of less than 23,1 grains.water/lb.dry air
  • Maintaining conditions of infiltrated air from neighboring rooms: 77°F/50% RH or 100 grains.water/lb.dry air
  • Air infiltration considered in global building 1500 CMH (closed doors, doors opening, walls)

-> Solutions brought by DESSiCA : 


  • Supply of a set of air desiccants dryers with silica gel adsorption rotor regenerated by electrical heater for a total capacity of 100 lbs.water/h, with an air condition to be treated of 46°F/50 %
  • The machines are controlled by electronic hygrostats with temperature and humidity digital display for a permanent check control
  • A remote monitoring for temperature and humidity has been installed to alert the customer if the threshold is exceeded in the premises
  • The dehumidification capacity required to implement the system has been divided into several units to provide a minimum 60% humidity guarantee in the event of an undesired shutdown of one of the units for an extended period


  • The devices and units have been installed outside of the premises requiring treatments
  • Dry air duct network made with galvanized steel was installed for each unit to aspirate the process air and bring back the dry air to the rooms
  • The use of textile ducts for dry air allows a homogeneous diffusion in the volumes

Support and services

  • Technical solution with low maintenance requirements apart from changing air filters 1 to 2 times a year
  • Desiccant wheel life : 80% minimum yield after 10 years

loupe-magnifying-glass-3615985_640Case study : LIMAGRAIN : Avoid the risk of seed germination losses during the storage period