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Contrôle de l’humidité dans les process agroalimentaire_DESSICA Déshumidification

How to reduce humidity in a powder drying process? Fuchs case study

How to reduce humidity in a powder drying process?

DESSICA provided a solution for FUCHS in Germany. The manufacture and packaging of food powders such as spices and condiments require a low-humidity production and packaging environment.

DESSICA’s customer is FUCHS, a manufacturer of spices, herbs and condiments for the retail and food industries.

Economic challenges: How can we prevent food powders from setting and clogging?

  • Preventing powders from sticking together
  • Prevent mould growth
  • Prevent contamination (such as salmonella)

Technical challenges: How to prevent food powders from regaining moisture?

  • Provide air at 11°C and 3g of water/kg of dry air
  • Provide a dehydrator that complies with the sterilisation and pasteurisation processes (VOW group)

DESSiCA supply a 1400 m3/h DP dehumidification system for industrial processes, with pre- and post-dehumidification boxes (upstream and downstream).

The system has enabled FUCHS to reduce production stop and product sticking on the food powder production line.

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