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Comment empêcher le collage de poudres alimentaires dans un atelier de conditionnement

How to prevent the sticking of food powders in a packaging workshop?

The manufacture and packaging of food powders such as phosphates require a dry environment to guarantee the transport and quality of the finished product. DESSICA has provided a temporary dehumidification solution for its customer: Prayon located in Saint-Clair-du-Rhône (Isère 38).

Client’s Field of Activity

DESSICA’s client is Prayon, a worldwide leader in phosphorous chemistry. The Group manufactures an extensive range of phosphate and fluorine products used in food and industrial applications, fertilizers, construction, pharmaceuticals and much more.

Customer environment: manufacture and packaging of agro-food phosphates

Business Challenges

  • Prevent phosphate sticking
  • Reduce production downtime for cleaning
  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Increase productivity

Technical Challenges

  • Maintain a constant humidity level
  • Blow dry air near to the nozzle and in the packaging environment
  • Eliminate clogging
  • Facilitate conveying by pneumatic transport
  • Minimise bulk of dehumidifier
  • Simplify maintenance on the machine

Products – Solutions and Services brought by DESSiCA

Rental and installation of dehumidifiers in food processing plants

Rental of an independent standalone rotary adsorption air dryers type DT-4000. The DT-4000 dehumidifier was installed outside the dry air environment.

A network of ducts (2 x 10 meters of ducting and fittings) carries the dry air into the room to be treated and near the bagging nozzles.

The regeneration air is taken from inside the process volume. The humid air is thrown outside the building.

The silica gel desiccant wheel ensures a very high dehumidification performance.

These dehumidifiers are especially designed for temporary installations, they are installed on a chassis and equipped with wheels and lifting rings for easy handling.

Operation of the DT-4000 Dessica dryer

The DT-4000 works by adsorption on a continuously regenerated high performance silica gel dehumidification. The industrial food dehumidifier has a dehumidification capacity of 20.1kg/h at 20°C and 60% relative humidity and a nominal airflow of 4000 m3/h.

The advantages of this product:

  • Compact equipment, mounted on a chassis with wheels and washing eyes
  • High performance desiccant wheel
  • Simple installation with flexible hoses

Installation of the food dehumidifier

DESSICA provided its expertise and advice for the design of the bagging room and its airtightness.

Air dryer maintenance for the food industry

Rental equipment is regularly maintained and checked by DESSiCA technicians.

This solution requires a simple maintenance: the regular change of air filters for long-term rentals.

A remote filter box has been installed to facilitate filter replacement.

The lifespan of a desiccant wheel is 8 to 12 years depending on use.


Key benefits and return on Investment (ROI) for Prayon

The installation provided by DESSiCA and its mode of operation fully met Prayon’s expectations.

The lease enabled Prayon to validate the technical assumptions and dehumidification capacities required for the powder packaging activity.

The rental period was initially planned for 2 months and the Prayon company satisfied with its relations with DESSICA renewed its confidence, first by extending the rental period, then by purchasing a similar dehumidifier to the one rented.

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