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How to maintain dry air in a fruit processing plant ?

Diana Food : Processing tropical fruits into powders and flakes

Customer needs :

  • Control the production atmosphere of the processing unit
  • Maintain low humidity in a tropical country with outdoor conditions of up to 21g of water / kg of dry air
  • Prevent “sticking” of the fruit puree on the rollers
  • Prevent clogging when processing fruit into a fine paste (similar to edible paper) in roller dryers
  • Make easer the food conveying
  • Provide dry air to prevent the finished product from regaining humidity
  • Reduce airborne contaminations

DESSICA solutions :

  • Product
  • Supply of two modular DS rotary adsorption dryers in stainless steel, a chiller and two air handling units.
  • The system is involved in two stages of the powders and flakes manufacturing process :

– During the processing and grinding phase, the dehydrator treats humid air

-In the packing room, the air is treated by a dehydrator and an air handling unit.

  • The installation was carried out inside the premises to maintain air less than 5g of water per kg of dry air.
  • The dehydrator has been fitted with a sub-assembly to record temperature and relative humidity.


  • Installation 
  • The equipment was integrated and assembled by the local teams. The development was carried out on site in collaboration between the DESSiCA developers, the process engineers and the customer’s automation department.


  • Support and services
  • Technical solution with low maintenance requirements apart from changing air filters 1 to 2 times a year
  • Desiccant wheel life : 80% minimum yield after 10 years (subject to proper use)

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