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DESSICA provide an aquarium manufacturing company. These products are highly hygroscopic and need a vey low and constant humidity level.

DESSICA supply of a set of air desiccants dryers with silica gel adsorption rotor equipped with pre-dehumidification battery. The DESSICA customer benefit a whole solution included filtration, temperature and humidity regulation.

Client’s Field of Activity : Aquarium products manufacturing (heat-sensitive products.)

Business Challenges

  • Control hygrometric conditions (20%) to maintain the same quality production for hygroscopic substances
  • Insure a comfortable environment for employees

Technical Challenges

  • Control low hygrometric < 20% HR whatever the season
  • Maximize the air dryer in managing temperature (coil change-over)
  • Limit the volume thanks to an all inclusive solution

Products – Solutions And Services brought by DESSiCA

• Supply of a set of air desiccants dryers with silica gel adsorption rotor equipped with pre-dehumidification battery and a change-over battery
• The air dryers proposed with an integrated purge sector: the reactivation air flow have the role of evacuate moisture retained by the silica gel of the wheel. A part of the regeneration air flow passes through the wheel by a 25 degree angle (purge area) to cool the dehydrating medium heated by its passage in the regeneration area
• The silica gel adsorption rotor 3rd generation insure a air dryer high performance and a reduction of energy consumption

• The devices and units have been installed inside to treat fresh air (2400m3 /h) and to maintain a stable temperature (68°F)
• Dry air duct network made with steel galvanized and insulate was installed for guarantee the total flow confinement

Support and services
• Technical solution with low maintenance requirements apart from changing air filters 1 to 2 times a year
• Desiccant wheel life : 80% minimum yield after 10 years

Key benefits and return on Investment (ROI) for AQUARIUM SYSTEMS

• AQUARIUM SYSTEMS is fully satisfied with the installation and operation of DESSICA’ dryer units
• The installation of a air dryer system permit AQUARIUM SYSTEMS to certified identical quality product, to improve the working conditions and to energy consumption
• The units are now in operation since May 2017, so far, no product loss or negative feedback from the customer has been reported.

DOWNLOAD HERE -> CASE STUDY : maintain a constant low hygrometry level for heat-sensitive products

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