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boulangeries, viennoiseries et pâtisseries

How to dry the air of a food production line after washing ?

Client’s Field of Activity

Food industry production and packaging : Industrial bakeries, producers of viennoiseries and pastries

Business Challenges

  • Rapidly drying after washing
  • Reduce production downtime after washing
  • Increase productivity and prevent post-contamination

Technical Challenges 

  • Completely dry the area in a limited time
  • Avoid the proliferation of post-contamination
  • Increase the lifespan of equipment and buildings, less attacked by humidity
  • Improve health, safety and working conditions

Products – Solutions And Services brought by DESSiCA


  • Rental of two independent standalone rotary adsorption air dryers type DT-1100 and DT-3300
  • The DT-1100 dehumidifier was installed in a corridor to process the cutting area of ​​400m².
  • The DT-3300 dehumidifier was installed in a corridor to blow directly into the 2300m² manufacturing area.
  • The silica gel desiccant wheel ensures very high dehumidification performance.
  • These dehumidifiers are particularly designed for temporary installations, they are mounted on frames and equipped with casters and lifting rings to facilitate handling.


  • Installation does not require special skills since the equipment is ready for use when delivered.

Support and services

  • Rental equipment is regularly maintained and checked by DESSiCA technicians.
  • This solution requires a simple maintenance : the regular change of air filters for long-term rentals.
  • The lifespan of a desiccant wheel is 8 to 12 years depending on use.

Key benefits and  return on Investment (ROI) for Pasquier

  • The installation provided by DESSiCA and its mode of operation fully met Pasquier’s expectations.
  • The rental allowed Pasquier to dry his workshops more quickly and thus gain in productivity.
  • The rental period was initially planned for 3 months and the Pasquier company satisfied with its relations with DESSICA renewed its confidence, first by extending the rental period, then by purchasing two dehumidifiers similar to those rented during the period.

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