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déshumidificateur d’air industriel DESSICA

How to choose an industrial air dehumidifier?

Excessive humidity in production and storage areas causes many problems. Air dehumidifiers are designed to meet the different needs of professional users in construction, industry and on building sites. Air dehumidifiers and dryers regulate the humidity of the air. There are requirements to be met when choosing the right equipment.

Which air dehumidifier to choose for which surface?

The first things to consider are the amount of water to be extracted and the volume of the room to be treated (m3). The amount of water to be extracted can be expressed in litres per day, or in grams of water per kilogram of dry air. The atmosphere to be maintained can also be expressed as a percentage of relative humidity (RH). The higher the values, the higher the dehumidification capacity of the equipment and the better it performs. It is important that the dehumidification capacity is in line with the volume and the surface of the room or industrial workshop for which it is intended.

DESSiCA equipment is suitable for small surfaces and large areas 160m3 to 13,000m3/h of dry air.

Noise level

The noise scale is exponential with the power of the device. The average noise level of industrial air dehumidifiers is 63 dB(A) which is equivalent to the noise in the passenger compartment of a moving car.

Water evacuation system

Industrial air dehumidifiers operate on the adsorption principle and include a silica gel-based dehumidifier wheel.

Where to empty the water from the humidity absorber?

With air dehumidification by condensation, the water collected by the appliance is collected in a tray, which must be emptied every day. Industrial dehumidifiers work with refrigerant gas and can be fixed or mobile. The nominal dehumidification capacity ranges from 44L per 24h to 96L per 24h (at input conditions of 30°C and 80% relative humidity). For an unheated room the operating range is between +7 and 35°C. Some models stop automatically when the tray is full. To avoid having to empty the condensate drain pan, there are devices with a drainage system. Some dehumidifiers can be equipped with a lift pump to direct the collected water to a drain higher than the unit.

Setting and operating mode

Industrial air dehumidifiers can be equipped with a hygrostat which allows, on some equipment, to set the humidity level. For a fixed installation, the remote run command option is available, so that they can be switched on and off automatically, based on the programmed setting. A counter can be installed to keep track of the running time of the dehumidifier.

Additional functions

Industrial air dehumidifiers are equipped with dust-free air filters, some of which are washable with water. The filters must be cleaned and/or changed regularly to maintain the dehumidification performance of the unit (at least once a year depending on the conditions of use).

Contact our drying and dehumidification experts for personalised advice and a free study before installation. 

In order to study the solution that suits you, we offer you the possibility to make a short test, or a test to validate an investment. Industrial dehumidifier rental is possible from one week upwards or in monthly or annual packages.