Equipment rental

We have a substantial stock of air dehumidifiers and dryers intended for rental.


Our stock also includes fans, air heaters/coolers, filter units, ducts. These rental dehumidifiers can be used for temporary needs, for a long period, or to conduct tests onsite in order to validate a future investment.
This stock of rental dehumidifiers designed to be installed on worksites (mounted on frames with wheels and equipped with lifting rings on the most bulky) allow us to meet the needs in particular of customers in industrial painting, energy, chemistry, food processing and pharmaceutical laboratories. We can set up this equipment on an industrial site or worksite, according to need. Rentals can be short-term (a week) or up to several years according to need, with contracts that can include commitments to response time and machine replacement in the event of breakdown to guarantee an optimal result.


  • Drying/inerting tanks
  • Preservation during storage
  • Drying premises or products
  • Avoiding corrosion
  • Preventing post-contamination
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