Services and temporary solutions

We have a substantial stock of air dehumidifiers and dryers intended for rental.


Our stock also includes fans, air heaters/coolers, filter units, ducts. These rental dehumidifiers can be used for temporary needs, for a long period, or to conduct tests onsite in order to validate a future investment.
This stock of rental dehumidifiers designed to be installed on worksites (mounted on frames with wheels and equipped with lifting rings on the most bulky) allow us to meet the needs in particular of customers in industrial painting, energy, chemistry, food processing and pharmaceutical laboratories. We can set up this equipment on an industrial site or worksite, according to need. Rentals can be short-term (a week) or up to several years according to need, with contracts that can include commitments to response time and machine replacement in the event of breakdown to guarantee an optimal result.


Location déshumidificateurs et déshydrateurs d’air DESSICA
  • Drying/inerting tanks
  • Preservation during storage
  • Drying premises or products
  • Avoiding corrosion
  • Preventing post-contamination

The advantages of Dessica air dryer rental

  • Specific and free study of your needs regarding the application and bring technical advices for your installation
  • A rental fleet based in France and rapidly available
  • Accessories provision: fans, air heaters/coolers, filter boxes, ducts
  • Short term retal (a week)
  • Easy equipment handling thanks to frame, wheels and lifting rings
  • Commissioning on site by trained technicians
  • Results guarantee: a quick replacement or the machine in case of failure
  • Attractive prices and a global offer
  • Quality material
  • Respect for commitments and performance

OUR EQUIPMENT STOCK dehumidifiers for rent

Model Dry air flow Dehumidification capacity Electrical power Sheet

Condensation dehumidifier

DEH 500 500 m³/h 50l/24h (30°C – 80%) 230 V/1P/50Hz
DEH 900 1000 m³/h  90l/24h (30°C – 80%)  230 V/1P/50Hz
DEH 1200 1150 m³/h  120l/24h (30°C – 80%) 230 V/1P/50Hz
DEH 1600 1400 m³/h  158l/24h (30°C – 80%) 230 V/1P/50Hz
DEH 1900 1600 m³/h 187l/24h (30°C – 80%) 230 V/1P/50Hz

Adsorption dehumidifier

DT-250 250 m³/h 1,1 kg/h (20°C – 60%) 400 V/3P+T/50Hz
DT-620 620 m³/h 2,3 kg/h (20°C – 60%) 400 V/3P+T/50Hz
DT-1000/DT-1100C 1100 m³/h 6 kg/h (20°C – 60%) 400 V/3P+T/50Hz
DT-2000/2300C 2300 m³/h 11,9 kg/h (20°C – 60%) 400 V/3P+T/50Hz
D-2800C 2800 m³/h 16,5 kg/h (20°C – 60%) 400 V/3P+T/50Hz
DT-3300C 3300 m³/h 14,6 kg/h (20°C – 60%) 400 V/3P+T/50Hz
DT-4000C 4000 m³/h 20,1 kg/h (20°C – 60%) 400 V/3P+T/50Hz
DC-6000C 6000 m³/h 33,5 kg/h (20°C – 60%) 400 V/3P+T/50Hz
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