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salles anhydres production batteries lithium

Dry air in anhydrous rooms for lithium batteries manufacturing

Our engineers go you in the design and sizing of your tailor-made air dryers for dry and anhydrous rooms.

Controlled atmosphere in temperature and humidity: clean rooms, dry rooms and anhydrous rooms

DESSICA supply a complete solution to design and produce drying systems like the STAD type Low Dew Point version, specially designed to treat air at very low dew point. The third-generation desiccant wheel ensures very high dehumidification performance. The air tightness is rigorously controlled thanks to seals and insulation of the walls to guarantee the required conditions. The recovery system reduces the energy impact required for the correct operation of the device. DESSICA offers a tailor-made and unique drying solution to keep your anhydrous rooms in good condition. Our team of developers, specially trained on these processes, in charge of commissioning and training users straight on your site. DESSICA provides its customers with a ready to use solution with study and design, commissioning, technical maintenance assistance and temporary solutions.

Electric vehicle batteries production

We all know that electric mobility is at the heart of tomorrow’s ecological transition. DESSICA supplies manufacturers of electric car batteries in particular. The anhydrous environment is essential for the assembly of components and to prevent their oxidation on contact with water in the air. In lithium battery manufacturing laboratories, the required humidity must be extremely low (dew point below -20 ° C or even -40 ° C).

Our references:

  • CEA (French alternative energies and atomic energy commission)
  • CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research)
  • SAFT

Dedicated teams to the sizing and studying your project

Our engineers specializing in the design of dehumidification systems for dry rooms will assist you in choosing the solution that best suits the environment and your needs. Our company is specialized for more than 20 years in the service of energy manufacturers, pharmaceutical laboratories, chemicals in France and around the world.

DESSICA’s assets for the design of your drying systems for anhydrous rooms:

  • Numerous references in the equipment of dry and anhydrous rooms for the control of temperature, humidity or dust
  • A qualified team with recognized experience in drying installations for anhydrous rooms for more than 20 years
  • A European company based in France whose design office, production and assembly workshops are located in France (Made in France)
  • Project monitoring with a single contact
salles anhydres production batteries lithium