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DESSICA’s strenghts

Our innovation capacity

  • A new ENERGY SAVING DESIGN obtained in 2017 is a clear example of our constant strive. The patent is an indicator of the dynamism of our R & D division: a guarantee of seriousness and the demonstration that DESSICA can project itself while innovating thanks to a motivated and involved team.
  • DESSiCA is working on the development of a desiccant cooling system with very low environmental impact: Desiccant Evaporative Cooling (DEC). The patent obtained by DESSiCA will also help improve the performance of the DEC system.

Corporate culture

  • Our corporate culture is based on the principles of autonomy, responsibility, cooperation, pragmatism, professionalism and efficiency. Our cooperative company promotes the motivation, responsiveness and strong involvement of each employee in the company.


  • A single technical contact to follow up from fulfilment to order and commissioning (same person for the entire duration of the project)
    – an integrated project monitoring based in France for great technical flexibility
    – equipment designed and manufactured in France (for modular and specific machines)

Contact us for more informations contact@dessica.fr or +33 (0)4 74 08 44 44