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Nouveau produit_Nouveaux déshydrateurs industriels DESSICA Made in France

DESSICA unveils the first air dehumidifiers in its new range

New ranges of high-performance industrial air dryers made in France

It is with great enthusiasm and pride that we announce the release of our new range of standard air dryers.

DESSICA unveils the first range of Made in France industrial air dryers on the market

Thanks to all the feedback we have had from our customers, we have designed these products to be perfectly suited to the expectations of French and European professional and industrial customers, for DESSiCA’s historical target markets, which are the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, health, water treatment and anti-corrosion industries.

This design required a lot of effort from the Research & Development team, which has been working on this project in the background for almost a year.

Faced with supply difficulties, we have chosen to internalise our production. This strategy of internalising our activities goes against the grain but allows us to be more flexible and reactive.

Two new and distinct product ranges are available for sale:

  • Standard high flow rate air dryers (DL): these standard air dryers are designed to adapt to the different needs of users in building and industry, in particular for the storage, conservation and preservation of equipment and buildings
  • Industrial process air dryers (DP): These industrial process air dryers are designed to meet the different needs of users in industry, in particular for production and packaging environments and drying processes.

New high-performance air dryers to help meet energy efficiency targets

These new ranges of dehumidifiers offer many advantages:

  • More ergonomic: easier installation and maintenance
  • Even more efficient: reduced energy consumption with very high dehumidification performance
  • Overall energy efficiency up by +10%.

All these new ranges up to 4500m3/h are pre-assembled and held in stock with a delivery time of one week to respond faster to customer demand.

Features of adsorption air dryers

Features of the DL “Large” range            Features of the DP “Process” range
High performance desiccant rotor

Configurable access easement

Easy maintenance

High efficiency fans with EC motor

Adjustable airflows with potentiometer

Many configurations

Casing in stainless steel double skin

High performance desiccant rotor

Simple maintenance

High efficiency fans with EC motor

Programmable logic controller (PLC) with integrated controls (humidity, temperature and air flow)


All these devices have advantages :

  • Maintenance is easy thanks to the electrical cabinet which is positioned on the front of the dryer, so it is accessible even when the dryer is in operation.
  • The machines can be equipped with an external filter box, so that the filters can be changed by an operator who does not have electrical clearance.

Up to 10% more efficient than previous models (in terms of dehumidification capacity versus energy consumption)

As you can see, there are many new products and more to come. We will be happy to send you our next catalogue with all our products! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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