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EHEDG-conception agroalimentaire DESSICA 2019

DESSiCA is a member of EHEDG

DESSiCA is one of the major players in the design of solutions to control humidity in the food industry. The cooperative society has been a member for a year of the professional association for the hygienic design of food equipment.

EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) is a foundation created in 1989 to promote the hygienic design of equipment and facilities for the food industry.

DESSiCA benefits from support for technical and scientific cooperation on the design and hygienic engineering of equipment by networking members: companies, consulting firms and specialist consultants, teachers, researchers, etc.

DESSiCA is perpetually in a process of continuous improvement, and perfects itself in the field of food hygiene.

DESSiCA manufactures its equipment for the food industry in accordance with and as close as possible to hygienic design work and research.


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