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DESSICA sera à Rennes du 8 au 10 mars lors de l'édition du CFIA 2022.

DESSICA – Drying and dehumidification at trade fair show CFIA in Rennes from 8 to 10 March 2022

CFIA is the biggest French event de dedicated to the food industry. DESSICA will be in Rennes from 8 to 10 March for the CFIA 2022.

The CFIA is back on its historic dates at the beginning of March. This year is an historic year because the show celebrates its 25 years of history.

As a specialist in dry air solutions and industrial applications for drying and dehumidification, Dessica is developing its skills in the supply of innovative solutions adapted to the constraints of dry air for the hygrometric management of all premises, the storage of hygroscopic products in dry air or to exclude steam or humidity from metal storage premises. Our systems also make it possible to reduce the difficulties of plugging and/or taking in mass of all pneumatic transport, of all manufacture of powdered products and also to reduce the appearance of frost but also of ice.

A range of dehumidifiers and dryers for every needs

Standalone rotary adsorption air dryers from 160m3/h to 13,000 m3/h

DESSICA supplies a complete range of standalone rotary adsorption air dryers from 160m3/h to 13,000 m3/h. Its know-how is based on proven silica gel desiccant adsorption dehydration processes, which ensure a very high dehumidification performance and reduce energy consumption compared to units equipped with other desiccant wheels of the same size.




• Casing in stainless steel Low weight
• High performance desiccant rotor
• PTC reactivation heater to eliminate the overheating risk
• Reliability and simple maintenance

Air dryers especially for negative cold rooms

DESSICA negative cold room dryers provide very dry air to prevent the formation of fog, frost or ice in the storage of frozen products.

  • IR version: outdoor cold room installation (positive temperature above 5°C)
  • ICF version: indoor cold room installation (negative temperature down to -25°C)




  • Double skinned housing with 30 mm insulation,
  • Heater on the electrical cabinet,
  • Start-up delay on wheel rotation,
  • Reinforced insulation of the regeneration circuit,
  • Adapted gear motor and speed of rotation,
  • Regeneration air heating resistance also adapted.


Hygienic air dehumidification systems for the food industry

Déshydrateur agroalimentaire industrielle

DESSICA designs and supplies hygienic air dehumidification systems for the food industry.
DESSICA DIA systems are modular and adaptable air dehumidification units specially designed to meet the requirements of users in the food processing industry:
• hygienic & solid construction made of AISI 304L or 316L stainless steel sheet, 0.12-inch-thick, smooth and non-sticky inside panel
• made with food contact material (ANIA certificate) for all parts in contact with process air
• easy access with dedicated maintenance doors





  • Modular and adaptable
  • Hygienic and solid construction
  • Made with food contact materials
  • Easy access with maintenance doors
  • Patented Energy Saving System

DESSICA, a global offer with :

Rental services and temporary air humidity control installations (rental)

Maintenance of drying and dehumidification equipment

Make an appointment now with the technical sales engineer in your region to meet him on the stand.

In the meantime, we remain available by email or telephone: contact@dessica.fr or +33 (0)4 74 08 44 44

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Parc Expo Rennes Aeroport

La Haie Gautrais

35172 BRUZ

DESSICA Hall 6 – stand B36



Tuesday 8 March: 8.30am to 6pm

Wednesday 9 March: 8.30am – 7pm

Thursday 10 March: 8.30am – 5pm