DESSICA DESICCANT EVAPORATIVE COOLING (DEC) systems are air conditioning systems with very low environmental impact.


They directly use a renewable source of thermal energy for cooling and dehumidification.
DEC systems also have a very highly efficient heat recovery system for heating during the winter. They allow you to dispense with the use of refrigeration compressors and coolants.

These systems are especially suited to tertiary, commercial and industrial buildings with low consumption composed of substantial volumes.


DESSICA DEC air treatment systems use a combination of a desiccant rotor, a sensible heat recovery rotor, two adiabatic humidification systems and two air/water heat exchangers. This unit is managed by a control and regulation cabinet.

The electrical consumption is limited to the engines of the fans, rotor drives and humidifier pumps alone.

The system is powered by the thermal energy from a renewable or residual heat source in summer and winter.


  • thermal solar
  • residual heat source from cogeneration
  • thermal power plant or heating system generally not used in summer

In winter, the system benefits from a double heat recovery rotor (desiccant rotor + sensible heat recovery rotor) providing over 90% energy recovery.



The fresh air is dehumidified by the desiccant rotor (3), then cooled by the thermal rotor (5) before being re-humidified by the adiabatic humidifier (7) (the heat exchanger 6 is not used during the summer).
The result is cooled fresh air with controlled humidity.
The return air is first cooled by a second adiabatic humidifier (10) to improve recovery in the heat exchange (5), then preheated by this thermal rotor before being heated by a heat exchanger (11) to regenerate the drying rotor (3). The humid air is then vented outside.


In winter, the desiccant rotor acts as a rotary heat exchanger, recovering over 80% of the heat. The combination of the two heat exchangers provides heat recovery of over 90% from the return air.


  • Offices
  • Shopping centres
  • Museums
  • Rest homes
  • School or university facilities
  • Sport centres

DESSICA desiccant evaporative cooling air treatment units

can be considered as ecological air conditioning systems, as they use no refrigerants. Coupled with thermal sensors, they provide solar air conditioning. These double flow air treatment units are respectful of the environment and especially suited to buildings of high environmental quality (HQE).

Are you interested in the ecological double flow Desiccant Evaporative Cooling air treatment unit?