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Déshydratation dans un laboratoire pharmaceutique | Cas client | Dessica

Dehumidification in a pharmaceutical laboratory

DESSICA has provided a solution to one of its customers located in the North of France, to dry a product in order to guarantee a constant quality of production. The manufacture, packaging and storage of sensitive pharmaceutical products requires precise dry air conditions.

Client’s Field of Activity – Pharmaceutical laboratory

Macopharma is a pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and distributes innovative medical devices for the processing of blood products and biologically-based therapies for patients.

Business Challenges

– Drying the finished product to ensure its adhesion and homogeneity

– Ensuring consistent production conditions

– Supply dry air to a production clean room

– Reduce waste

Technical Challenges

– Maintain the room at 21°C and a relative humidity of less than 50% (i.e. 7.7g water/kg dry air)

– Treat part of the flow from the Air Handling Unit, i.e. a fresh air flow of 4730 m³/h

– Provide an installation compatible with the Air Handling Unit already on site

Products – Solutions and Services of dehumidification brought by DESSiCA

– Supply of a dehumidification  for pharmaceutical industrial processes, type DP, with wet air sensor

– The silica gel dehumidification desiccant rotor wheel ensures very high dehumidification performance.

– The DP dehumidifier is designed with a stainless-steel housing to meet hygiene requirements.

– The dehumidifier is equipped with a PLC with interface.

– The dehumidifier is easy to maintain thanks to the access on the front of the dehumidifier.

Operating principle of the dehumidification system:

The DP system industrial dehumidifier uses two independent, counter-current air flows through the slowly and continuously rotating dehydrating wheel. The main flow, the process air to be treated, is dried.

The secondary flow, the regeneration air, of smaller volume, is used to evacuate the humidity retained by the desiccant wheel. Two fans move the two air streams.

Silica gel is a highly hygroscopic material capable of retaining water vapour contained in the ambient air. As it passes through the wheel, the air to be treated loses the moisture retained by the silica gel. The dry air is then directly usable.

The regeneration air has the function of evacuating the humidity retained by the silica gel from the wheel.

Dehumidifier installation

– The dehumidifier was installed in the technical room.

– Commissioning was carried out by DESSiCA technicians.

Dehumidifier maintenance

  • Technical solution with low maintenance requirements apart from changing air filters 1 to 2 times a year
  • Desiccant wheel life: 80% minimum yield after 10 years (subject to proper use)

Key benefits and return on Investment (ROI) for Macopharma

– The installation and operation of DESSiCA has fully met Macopharma’s expectations.

– The installation of the system has enabled Macopharma to have a constant humidity to stabilise its production and reduce losses.

– The system has been in operation since May 2022.

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