Technical assistance – Maintenance – After-sale service

Our mastery of dry air techniques and their industrial applications and the expertise of our teams are available to our customers for conducting diagnostics to optimise the performance of air treatment systems.

The DESSICA after-sale service can provide high-quality service in order to meet needs for assistance in equipment maintenance, either preventive (maintenance contracts) or remedial (diagnostics and repairs).

Lifelong learning is a major point for DESSICA: our technicians maintenance team are regularly train in new technologies and regulatory framework in order to supply the best services to our customers.

Expert in dry air technics we implement every technical and human tools to realize an efficient, sustainable and relevant maintenance for our customers.

A direct phone line dedicate to customer support and a duty period for fixing are free for our customer.

We have a stock of first-aid spare parts to act quickly at the repair site.

Assistance technique – Maintenance - SAV système deshydratation

Our third generation PPS and PPX silica gel desiccant rotors have a very high level of active silica gel, ensuring very high performance dehumidification and reducing the energy consumption of the apparatus.

Replacement of desiccant wheels all brands

In particular, we provide and replace old desiccant rotors, whether our own machines or any other brand of air dryers with desiccant rotors is involved. We offer the supply and replacement of old desiccant wheels, which whether it is our own machines or any other brand of wheel air dryer desiccant.


Optimization and upgrading of air treatment installations

Based on a diagnosis carried out on site, our teams advise and propose solutions allowing to increase the lifespan of the equipment, to improve the performance, to reduce energy consumption or to carry out a remote control.



  • Technicians specializing in adsorption air dehumidifiers;
  • The calculation of wheel efficiencies from specific software;
  • Availability of spare parts and maintenance kits for emergency dehumidifiers in France;
  • Quick repairs;
  • Measuring devices with calibration certificates less than one year old;
  • A strong reactivity of a motivated team involved in its business (cooperative society)
Need to contact After-Sale Service?

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