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Bins, reservoirs, tanks, various containers and metallic structures require regular surface treatment to prevent corrosion and deterioration of the structures.

It is essential for proper adhesion of the paint that they be kept free of corrosion immediately after the stripping/sanding phase.
A minimum temperature and controlled humidity are often required to satisfy the specifications (because the viscosity is a function of the temperature, it directly affects the thicknesses, and the relative humidity allows optimum drying of the coating).

Whether for investment or for rental, DESSICA offers a range especially suited to the needs of industrial painters: dehumidifiers, adsorption dryers, fans, heaters, filter boxes, ducts, etc., complying with the needs for each step of the surface treatment. All this equipment is suitable for use outdoors onsite :


  • the machines are equipped with frames with lifting eyes and side rails for handling,
  • the available pressure of the fans is significant to allow the apparatus to be placed outside the ATEX perimeter, thanks to an antistatic duct,
  • a phase reversal detector limits problems with the power supply. Delivery, installation and commissioning onsite are also offered.


Location déshumidificateurs et déshydrateurs d’air DESSICA


DESSICA déshydrateur d'air monophasé DM200-300-450

Standalone rotary adsorption air dryer

Location déshumidificateurs et déshydrateurs d’air DESSICA

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