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Treatment of the intake air for spray drying towers and pneumatic transfer of dairy products or processing aids by DESSICA systems allows for significant productivity gains and energy savings through control of the humidity.

The functioning of a spray drying tower is subject to seasonal variations. In particular, the mixing ratio (absolute humidity) of the upstream air is a determining factor in the capacity of the dry tower. In the summer, when this ratio is high, the capacity is reduced, while in the winter, when this ratio is lower, the capacity is greater. These variations complicate operation of the tower, with increased risks of production halts.

Control the humidity of the air upstream of spray drying towers to achieve constant and stable intake conditions with DESSICA systems.

Dehumidifier for food drying process

The process of spray drying process is a dehumidification method use for nutrient in food industry. It consists to remove water include a liquid (milk, fruit juice or vegetables…) to obtain powder thanks to the hot air flow. Liquid water transforms in vapor. The general spraying processes act in a spray drying tower. In this process the liquid is sprayed in small droplet in a in a vertical cylindrical enclosure. In contact with a hot air flow, the water evaporates from initial product to become food powder. The substance is then filtered to retain powder and let air free. This drying process is well-known in food processing industry because it permits to increase the storage life and reduce the goods volume. This process allows drying of heat sensitive products.

Dry air in spray drying process

Dry air supply plays a major role in spray drying process working. The climatic variations in summer and winter disrupt the spray drying functioning. With standardized settings, the product flow injects into the tower increase thus the productivity growth. The dry air supply from a dehumidifier avoids clogging and caking of the product in spray drying tower.

This process is also use in pharmaceutical industry for plant extracts, body care and fine chemicals manufacturing.

Air treatment in spray drying process and pneumatics transfers for dairy products or additive by DESSICA systems permit to master hygrometry, profit productivity and energy consumption.

Dry air for fluidized beds

The fluidized beds and pneumatics transport also use dry air for working. To preserve a soft and uniform drying the dry air is recommend for maintain the quality of chemical molecules and ingredients in food processing industry.


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ADVANTAGES dehumidifier for spray dryer

  • the risks of a production halt due to climatic variations and products sticking to the walls are greatly reduced. Operation of the drying tower is made easier by reducing changes in settings;
  • the capacity of the drying tower is constant and maximised and the residual moisture in the product is stabilised throughout the year by climatic conditions without significant variation in all seasons ;
  • energy consumption is optimised: as drying by adsorption is an exothermic phenomenon, it increases the temperature of the dry air, substantially limiting the energy input to the system.


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