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DESCRIPTION Humidity Control for Seed Drying

DESSICA dry air systems are used by seed producers; we have extensive experience in the production of dry atmospheres for the packaging and storage phases.
Seed germination is favoured when a specific humidity, temperature and luminosity act on the production of plant hormones and so on the dormancy period.
To prevent germination during the storage phase, it is essential to control at least the humidity and temperature parameters. The conditions to be maintained vary according to the type of seed to be stored. The control of suitable conditions achieved by DESSICA air treatment systems during packaging is also crucial in maintaining a finished product of good quality.

IMPLEMENTATION desiccant dehumidifier for grain silo

Seeds storage and production

  • Avoid the risk of seed germination losses during the storage period
  • Control th ehygrometry for several warehouses storing seeds
  • Supply of a set of air desiccants dryers with silicagel adsorption rotor regenerated by electrical heater for a total capacity of 100lbs.water/h,with an air condition to be treated of 46°F/50%
  • The machines are controlled by electronic hygrostats with temperature and humidity digital display for a permanent check control
  • A remote monitoring for temperature and humidity has been installed to alert the customer if the threshold is exceeded in the  premises
  • The dehumidification capacity required to implement the system has been divided into several units to provide a minimum 60% humidity guarantee in the event of an undesired shutdown of one of the units for an extended period


  • Preserve seeds from germination
  • Increase dormancy period of seeds thus longer storage capacity
  • Reduce losses and increase profitability
  • Help control factors even in the packaging stage
  • Improve quality of the finished products


Déshumidificateurs d’air industriels à condensation

Industrial condensation air dehumidifier

déshydrateur d'air industriel modulable

Adjustable rotary adsorption dryer

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