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Some powdered products are highly hygroscopic. During pneumatic transport or bulk storage in silos caking or clogging of the pipes occurs. These phenomena are related to absorption of moisture by the powders due to air that is too humid. DESSICA systems reduce the dew point of the air, thus preventing absorption of moisture and guaranteeing the fluidity of the product.

IMPLEMENTATION dehumidifier for food processing

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Business Challenges

  • Prevent phosphate sticking
  • Reduce production downtime for cleaning
  • Reduce packaging waste
  • Increase productivity

Technical Challenges

  • Maintain a constant humidity level
  • Blow dry air near to the nozzle and in the packaging environment
  • Eliminate clogging
  • Facilitate conveying by pneumatic transport
  • Minimise bulk of dehumidifier
  • Simplify maintenance on the machine


DESSICA déshydrateur d'air monophasé DM200-300-450

Standalone rotary adsorption air dryer

déshydrateur d'air industriel modulable

Adjustable rotary adsorption dryer

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