Dessica ™ Systems’ provide dry air throughout the manufacturing and packaging processes of many pharmaceutical products. They allow an optimal control of the ambient humidity conditions for the fluidity of the powder conveying and the drying of the heat-sensitive products. We will help you overcome these challenges. .


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  • Preparation of tablets: In certain stages in tablet preparation, it is essential to maintain a low relative humidity, often below 40%. DESSICA systems allow the required conditions to be achieved regardless of the climatic conditions.
  • Coating: The introduction of dry air into the coating pans via a DESSICA system allows faster and more uniform evaporation of water from the product.
  • Gelatin capsules: Dry and sterile air is essential during the phase in which gelatin capsules intended to hold medications are filled with powders or liquids. Mastery of the different dry air technologies allows DESSICA to fulfil these requirements perfectly.
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