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The storage of frozen products is often a source of numerous problems related to formation of frost or ice:

  • frozen or slippery floors that are troublesome and hazardous for personnel;
  • ice formation leading to premature deterioration, breakdowns and an increase in maintenance costs for equipment and premises;
  • necessity for repackaging products;
  • impossibility of reading bar codes on packaging;
  • increase in consumption of cooling energy.

DESSICA air dryers for negative cold rooms supply very dry air to prevent the formation of fog, frost or ice. Supplemented by measures to limit the entrance of air into the refrigerated storage (air curtains, high-speed doors, strip curtains, airlocks, etc.), DESSICA air dryers for negative cold rooms are highly energy-efficient and will limit defrosting of cold rooms. Installation of DESSICA air dryers in negative cold rooms greatly reduces the risk of accidents and improves the working conditions of personnel.


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Advantages of the Dessica solution

  • Reduce operating expense :

It is no longer necessary to remove the ice manually in the cold room.

The breakdowns on mechanical equipment decrease (photoelectric cells, palletizers, conveyors…) The maintenance of Dessica equipment is low.

  • Decrease the risk of accidents and improved working conditions :

Dry floor and ice-free on either side of the door, is no longer dangerous and slippery.

  • Quality packaging :

It is no longer necessary to repackage.

Reading bar codes is no longer a problem.

IMPLEMENTATION dehumidifier inside the cold store

Frozen products storage warehouse

  • Limit the appearanceof frost, ice on the floor and the walls of the cold room
  • Reduce refrigeration energy consumption by spacing defrosting
  • Reduce operating costs (reduction of damage and failure)
  • Limit the intake of humidity from the outside and dry the air to prevent condensation
  • Reduce the risk of accidents and slipping
  • Maintain the quality of the packaging and the readability of bar codes
  • Limit the appearance of fog


DT-4000 DESSICA Déshydrateur industriel gainable

Air dryer especially for negative cold rooms

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