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DESSICA dry air systems are used by industrial bakeries and producers of viennoiseries and pastries; we have extensive experience in producing dry atmospheres for the production, packaging and storage phases of numerous products. In the production of loaves in industrial baking, a dry atmosphere prevents sticking on conveyers while maintaining significant hydration of the product. Likewise, in the production of certain oven-baked pastries or biscuits, a dry atmosphere produced by a DESSICA air drying system allows very good homogeneity and regularity to be obtained in drying.

Use of a DESSICA system to supply cooling tunnels with dry air prevents condensation phenomena, allows products to cool more quicklywhich increases production – and allows colder air to be used if this is advantageous in the process. DESSICA air dryers also prevent clogging and caking in storage silos and pneumatic powder transport systems.

Most industrial bakeries and producers of viennoiseries and pastries use flash freezing and storage in a negative temperature room for their frozen products. DESSICA equipment supplies dry air in environments at negative temperature to prevent the formation of frost, ice, slippery floors or fog.

BENEFITS OF Dry atmospheres industrial bakeries, producers of viennoiseries and pastries

  • Maintain a very good homogeneity
  • Decrease condensation phenomena
  • Cool down more product more efficiently
  • Increase production
  • Keep appropriate product hydration


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Déshydrateurs d’air rotatifs à adsorption autonomes DESSICA

Standalone rotary adsorption air dryer

DT-4000 DESSICA Déshydrateur industriel gainable

Air dryer especially for cold room

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