Adjustable rotary adsorption dryers


The process of dehumidifying air with solid adsorbents involves use of the properties of an agent with a high affinity for water. Our systems include a desiccant rotor based on silica gel (SiO2) or molecular sieves. These systems can be used down to very low humidity (-60°C dew point).

They have the advantage of being able to use energies other than electricity to dehumidify the air, such as superheated water, steam or gas with a burner directly in the air stream.

The third-generation PPS and PPX silica gel desiccant rotors that equip our air dryers have very high levels of active silica gel, ensuring very high dehumidification performance and reducing energy consumption compared to devices equipped with other silica gel desiccant rotors of the same dimensions.

Adjustable dryers are especially designed to adapt to the various needs of the users in the building or the industry. They include the latest innovations, in particular the integrated heat recovery system. They allow us to offer a complete solution with filtration, hot and cold batteries, control system, etc.


Complete air treatment systems integrating a rotary adsorption dryer.

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